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Read News, Watch Video And Photos Of Best Company In Northern Nigeria Part Of Metal Construction Afuwa Welding Works That Made Best Design Of The Year.

As we said and we continue saying it best company part of metal construction Afuwa Welding Works And General Metal Construction made best design of the year.

This picture as you can see was the design of the work before service done.

After designing the work Afuwa Welding Works Company used CNC Plasma Cutting Machine and made the design.

Below picture as you can see CNC Plasma Cutting Machine during design of the work and is the best and wonderful work.

Our company will continue surprising all our customers with good design just for making them smile always.

Our best and well known engineer Mustapha Abdullahi Sani is a creative man and always his thinking to create something different and adopt it in to his company.

Now and always you would continue seeing new new innovation in our company Afuwa Welding Works like you are in China.


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