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Managing Director Afuwa Welding Works Alhaji Mustapha A Sani Sends Juma’at Message to Muslim Ummah Around The World

As usual Managing Director Afuwa Welding Works And General Metal Construction Alhaji Mustapha A Sani popularly known as (Mustapha Afuwa) sent juma’at message to all Muslim Ummah around the globe.

Mustapha A Sani used to advice Muslim Ummah or preaching them about good things or something that Allah S.W.A forbid to Muslim Ummah.

Today Friday Alhaji Mustapha A Sani prayed on patience people and called people to mention Allah’s name always on their tongue.

“O Allah, grant healing and patience to all people in these days of calamity. Grant us the grace to bring us together in the Friday ranks again”.

“O Allah, do not miss your name from our tongues and hearts. Grant us to be among your loved ones and to see your beauty”.


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