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If Someone Wants Quality And Everlasting Work No Time To Waste Just Come To Our Company Afuwa Welding Works And General Metal Construction.

Some people are searching where can they go or which company can they go that can satisfy them on the qualitative metal work without getting problem.

Most of the people from different parts of the world are aware about great company in Northern Nigeria especially through our internet.

Furthermore, some people from diffrerent state of Nigeria and our neighbouring countries use to come to our and we use to do them qualitative work.

Any one who need qalalitative and everlasting work no time to waste just come to our company Afuwa Welding Works And General Metal Construction we can do it for you.

These pictures as you can see are different designs by one of the machine in our company namely CNC Plasma Cutting Machine and that machine can make over one thousand (1000+) design.


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