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How Managing Director Afuwa Welding Works Engineer Mustapha Abdullahi Watches a Cultural Game During His Visit To China And He Even Performed Arrow Game.


Managing Director Afuwa Welding Works And General Metal Construction company Engineer Mustapha Abdullahi Sani Watched a cultural game when he visited China some years back.

China is among the countries that are located at Asia Continent.

Furthermore, China has always been busy with culture and they are celebrating their culture time to time, they never forget to celebrate it.

Mostly, every tribes has its own cultural festivals they perform.

This picture as you can see of a Chinese man blowing this thing like fire flying high, a game was performed when Managing Director Afuwa Welding Works Engineer Mustapha Abdullahi Sani visited the country and watched this game.

Also in another fixture it’s Chinese men wearing red as they were hosting a game and a traditional festival game.

If you could remember some weeks ago we brought the story on how Mustapha Abdullahi Sani Watched and performed arrow game when he visit to China.

Below is a fixture of Engineer Mustapha Abdullahi Sani when he was performing arrow game.

On his remarks Alhaji Mustapha Abdullahi Sani described China as a country that has principles and does special things and does not throw away their culture.


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