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Eng. Mustapha A Sani Explains Factors That Always Be Consider Before Conducting The Welder.

There are many welding company in the world in different countries including Nigeria.

In Nigeria there are plenty of welding company, one of them and best company is Afuwa Welding Works And General Metal Construction which located at Kano State.

The owner of the company is Engineer Mustapha A Sani, during discussing with Engineer Mustapha A Sani listed and explained factors that always be considered before conducting the welding test.

The following factors are considered before conducting the welding.

1. WELDING PROCEDURE SPECIFICATION: All the welding parameters viz. welding current, voltage, base metal, filler/electrode, etc. shall be in accordance with the qualified welding procedure specification.

2. WELDING PROCESS: For each welding process a welder has to be qualified separately. Suppose a welder qualifies for SMAW then he shall be employed only for SMAW welding. In case if our requirement is MIG welding then the same welder will have to weld a different test coupon by MIG welding process then only he can be allowed for MIG welding.

3. THE THICKNESS OF THE WELD METAL DEPOSIT AND THE SIZE OF THE TEST COUPON: The thickness of the deposited weld metal is very important because of the following two things.

It determines the performance qualification thickness range i.e. up to what thickness the welder can weld. AWS D1.1 and ASME BPVC Section IX are two widely used welding codes. In ASME BPVC Section IX the performance qualification thickness limit for groove weld is given in Table QW452.1(b), and the outside diameter range for groove weld is given in Table QW452.3. The thickness range is explained later in this article.

The length and width of the test coupon shall be sufficient enough for the final test (i.e. Radiography or Mechanical test).

Conclusively, Afuwa Welding Works And General Metal Construction is like school, our best Engineer Mustapha A Sani is teaching different skills to his staff and other people who has welding company.


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