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Do You Want Know Who Is Engineer Mustapha Abdullahi Sani And His Full History?

A kind hearted, gentle, diserable, reasonable person, future in the present, the man that is brightening Nigeria with his company Afuwa Welding Works And General Metal Construction Engineer Mustapha Abdullahi Sani

Alhaji Mustapha Abdullahi Sani has been shining the the light of Northern Nigeria for nothing but the way he came up with great idea of setting up an unlikely metal company in the Northern part of the country.


Alhaji Mustpha Abdullahi Sani was born on 15 January, 1974 at Lambu Town Tofa Local Government, Kano State, North West region. Few months to reached 49 years.

Mustapha A Sani popularly known as Mustpha Afuwa is well known in Kano, Northern region and country in general.

Normally, every place or region has it’s tradition, Alhaji Mustapha Abdullahi Sani is from the north and it’s always tradition, children should start with Qur’an school, Mustpha Afuwa started Qur’anic at a tender age before he started western education.

He started Primary School at Katsinawa Ungoggo Local Government, and on his way to completion Katsinwa Primary school and he moved to Shahuci Primary school where he completed his primary education.

Furthermore, Alhaji Mustpha Afuwa went Shahuci Secondary School, letter on he gained admission and successfully completed his study at Federal Colleage Of Education, Kano.

Mustpha A Sani started welding bussiness since he was 12 years and up to now he is in the system and he expanded it technologically and right now there is no single company that you compare it with Afuwa Welding Works And Genetal Metal Construction.

The establishment of his company seems to have been highlighted in Nigeria after the company came up with a new unique style.

Mustpha A Sani went some nations around the world, some of them are Saudia Arabia, China e.t.c.

Saudi Arabia he performed pilgrimage, Umara severally and he visited major cities in China especially for bussiness intervention of his company Afuwa Welding Works And General Metal Construction located in Kofar Ruwa Town, Kano State.

Many organisations from different parts of the country awarded Engineer Mustapha Abdullahi Sani and described him as role model, providing jobs to youths, educating people e.t.c


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