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Award Of Excellence: West African Student Union Awarded Managing Director Afuwa Welding Works Alhaji Mustapha A Sani & Describes Him as Epitome Of Good Leadership.

West African Student Union awarded Managing Director Afuwa Welding Works And General Metal Construction Alhaji Mustapha A Sani yesterday evening.

They awarded him at his own Company due to his effort especially for the great improvement that he brought to Northern Nigeria.

“We awarded Alhaji Mustapha A Sani due to recognition of your patriotic contribution in the field of education, youth empowerment development and selfless to humanity”.

Furthermore, West African Students Union described Alhaji Mustapha Abdullahi Sani Him as an ‘Epitome Of Good Leadership’.

Lastly, Eng. Mustapha A Sani received the award, thanked Allah S.W.A and thanked West African Student Union (WASU) for the award they have given him.


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